R12 Supplier Bank Accounts

In Release 12, Payables Supplier Bank Information is stored somewhere else instead of PO_VENDORS table as in 11i. The supplier (or External) bank account information are stored in the table called IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS. The bank and bank branches information are stored in the table HZ_PARTIES. They are linked together through Relationships (in HZ_RELATIONSHIP). There is a separate link for both Bank to Branch and also from Branch to Bank. Bank sites and Location information are stored in tables: HZ_PARTY_SITES and HZ_LOCATIONS. The bank_id and branch_id fields of IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS table link the Bank Account to the relevant Bank and Branch Parties in the HZ_PARTIES table (IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS.BANK_id = hz_paties.party_id).

Supplier (or External) bank accounts are created in Payables, in the Supplier Entry forms. Navigate to Suppliers -> Entry. Query or create your supplier. Click on Banking Details and then choose Create. After you have created the bank account, you can assign the bank account to the supplier site.

When the Bank is assigned to Vendors then it will be updated in a table called HZ_CODE_ASSIGNMENTS. Payment related details of supplier are also inserted in iby_external_payees_all as well as iby_ext_party_pmt_mthds.

The bank branch number can be found in the table: HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES .The HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES table stores a variety of information about a party. This table gets populated when a party of the Organization type is created. IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYEES_ALL stores payment-related attributes for the funds disbursement payment process for external party payees.


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  1. Andy

    Do you have any experience of what customers have done when it comes to re-implementing 11i AuditTrail that exists on Vendors and AP Bank tables? My customer has apps AuditTrail on PO_VENDORS, AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS_ALL, AP_BANK_ACCOUNT_USES_ALL and AP_BANK_BRANCHES tables, and now everything is shifted in R12, this will no doubt need re-working for them.
    For PO_VENDORS I believe I just need to setup the audit on AP_SUPPLIERS, but I’m worried that audittrail on HZ tables will capture more than just Bank changes.
    Would the following seem suitable?
    For AP_BANK_BRANCHES_ALL, ??? Not sure there is anything suitable ??
    Many thanks,

  2. Dibyajyoti Koch

    The new tables are now under Cash Management product as follows:
    CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS: contains Legal Entity Level bank account information. Each bank account must be affiliated with one bank branch.
    CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL: stores Operating Unit level bank account use information
    CE_PAYMENT_DOCUMENTS: Payment Documents to be used for Printed type Payments
    CE_BANK_BRANCHES_V: view: Bank/Branches Info
    CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_OU_V: view: Internal Bank Account Uses Info
    The following tables were obsoleted:

  3. Abhi

    I am bit confuse here. Now we have two tables CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS and IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS and both are capturing Bank data.
    Could you please explain me why we have 2 different table for same purpose?


    1. Dibyajyoti Koch

      CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS is used for internal back accounts. In simple words, if you have a company, you will open bank accounts in various banks in the name of the company for any sort of monetary transactions. These bank account details will be stored in this table. This table contains Legal Entity Level bank account information.

      IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS is used for external back accounts. This table contains the bank accounts of your suppliers to which account your company will pay and the bank accounts of the customers from which account your company will get money.

      Normally IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS contains much higher volume of records as compared to CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS, since it deals with all your suppliers and customers.

      Hope it helps.


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