API to Update Task Information in Oracle Projects

April 9, 2012, Category: APIs, Oracle Projects, Script

Here is one API to update Task Information in Oracle Projects. Here I have used the API to update the Task Manager Information.

API to add Classification to an Oracle Project

February 3, 2012, Category: APIs, Oracle Projects

The below API can be used to add a Classification to an Oracle Project.


Query to find Project Manager Info of an Oracle Project

February 3, 2012, Category: Oracle Projects, Script

The below query can be useful when you are working in Oracle Projects and you need to find out the Project Manager Name and Email Address for a particular project……..

Few Queries for Oracle Projects

January 17, 2012, Category: Oracle Projects, Script

Project Basic Info:

Project Parties (Project Key Members):

Approved Cost Budget Version Detail:

Budget Planning Element Information:

Change Order Basic Information:

Financial Plan CI Impact:…….

API to update and assign Project Roles in an Oracle Project

November 28, 2011, Category: APIs, Oracle Projects

Oracle has provided a seeded package called PA_PROJECT_PARTIES_PUB to create, update or delete a project party (or Key member) in an oracle project. From front end, the navigation is Project…….

Oracle Project Foundation APIs

August 25, 2011, Category: APIs, Oracle Projects

This article gives a brief description of the APIs that you can use to integrate project data from an external system with Oracle Projects. The procedures discussed below are located…….


Oracle Projects Migration/ Data Conversion

July 9, 2011, Category: Interface, Oracle Projects

During my work on a projects conversion, I came accross this very nice document. This document is very informative and so sharing with you all. Happy reading! Main Article: In this…….

oracle apps tables

Key Tables in Oracle Projects

July 9, 2011, Category: Apps Tables, Oracle Projects

Here is a brief description of the key tables in Oracle Projects. Table Description PA_PROJECTS_ALL It stores the highest units of work defined in Oracle Projects. PA_PROJECT_ASSETS_ALL It contains assets…….


Oracle Project Suite: An Introduction

July 7, 2011, Category: Oracle Projects

The oracle project suite is a complete enterprise level project management solution. They provide a robust flexible approach to define and manage enterprise level projects and the people, schedules, deliverables,…….